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First Choice Vocational Course - ICT

We started ICT training as a vocational learning area with an aenormous aim of organising and setting our learners fit and equally compete in this technological and ICT era world.This started way back in 2008 up to date. Several renovations in the computer science department have been made including purchace of new computers as well as more ICT infrastructures. Our learners have enough skills in computer both practical and theory. We are planning to install a wireless internet coverage which will be a core area for our teachers and learners to have an updated notes hence thriving research making.








The about us!

About kitooro Hillview p/s.

For a very long time, Kyazanga area was lacking a credible Primary School. Good schools are far away like in Masaka town and many times are very expensive. This in the past attraccted the attention of many school dropouts or others spend alot of money looking for modern primary education far away.

Kitooro Hillview day and Boarding Primary School is an incoming project. Although the managing directors ( Mr. Ssozi Edward and Aunt Winfred Ssozi)had alredy switched off with the project in 1992 renting , the real construction of the school began on 21st October, 1995, and started as a day school with only four classes, that is, Baby, Top, P.1 and P.2. The school total enrollment was 150 pupils. The school directors made it a routine to construct one class per year tyo have a progress ground of academic execellence.

In 1997, we had our First Candidates. They were 15 in total and they sat from Sydine Paul - Kinoni because by then the school had not yet secured a UNEB center.

Our first UNEB pioneers gave us a paramount hope because out of 15, Five managed to come in First grade and 10 in second grade.

However, building is still going on since the aim is to put up a primary seven standard day and boarding school.

The main aim of starting this school was to educate all school going children in the area with a high standard education at fair input as school fees.

We hope to open up a school clinic at school to improve on health, of our learners and again controlled absentism of our learners due to minnor sicknesses.

I want to assure you that as of now, the school general enrollement is about 453 pupils and alot of developmental , infrustrures have been reached. The school has an ample space for pupils revision, thats the reason why our performance has improved since its inseption.

On this note therefore, i wish to inform our dear parents and all the well wishers that Kitooro Hillview primary school with pleasure extends gratitude to you for the support since 1992 and call upon many to join us as we deliver quality and competitive education to our children.




Clean Environment / Dust Free Compound

Keeping the environment clean is important to being healthy. Many disease-causing germs exist in dirty environments, such as the ones that cause diarrhoea and worm infections. This means that many diseases can be prevented through good personal hygiene, and by keeping the environ- ment clean.

24/7 Internet Connection

Without a doubt, the internet is the most powerful medium of communication at present. It connects people across different parts of the world free and fast.

In Education institution, this facility helps both learners and teachers to make collaborative research.


The Dust free environment tells how smart the compus is. This helps learners to avoid risks of falling sick frequently.

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